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YoRocket is a WordPress plugin that improves your site’s click-through-rate (CTR) in Google.

Higher CTR = more traffic

" YoRocket has quickly become one of the must-have tools in our marketing stack."

Sean Falconer, Founder of

How it Works

1 Write your page title

Write your blog post title in WordPress. Just like you normally do.

2 YoRocket improves your title

YoRocket gives you personalized recommendations that will help turn your title tag into a click magnet.

3 Get more traffic

Now that your headline is optimized for CTR you’ll find yourself with more clicks (and traffic) from Google.

Case study # 1:

45.52% More Organic Traffic in 7 Days

I’m Brian Dean. YoRocket is what I personally use to optimize my titles at Backlinko. And I recently tested YoRocket on a post that wasn't getting as much traffic as I would like.

Here was the title before YoRocket. 61%. Yikes.

Here was my title after using YoRocket.

The result?
A 45.52% boost in my organic traffic... in 7 days!

Case study # 2:

71.6% More Organic Traffic

I’m David Attard, from Switch Digital. YoRocket increased my traffic by nearly 72%. Amazing!

Here was the title before YoRocket. Not bad. But could be better.

Here’s David’s title after using YoRocket.

And just like that, David’s organic traffic to that page increased by 71.6%.

YoRocket Features

Easily optimize your titles

YoRocket shows you exactly how to create a title tag that gets more clicks from Google searchers.

Easily test two titles against one another

...and use the one that performs best.

Better click through rate

SEO experts agree: improving your CTR is one of the fastest ways to get more search engine traffic. YoRocket is the only tool on the market that improves your CTR.

Higher rankings

Several industry studies have found that better CTR=higher Google rankings. In fact, a Google paper states: “Click-through data has proven to be a critical resource for improving search ranking quality.”

Case study # 3:

127.6% Organic Traffic Growth!

I'm Sean Falconer from Before using YoRocket our page ranked #11. Today? We rank #4. The CTR and rankings boost from YoRocket increased our organic traffic by 127.6%!

This was Sean's title tag before YoRocket. It was a good start. But it needed some work.

Here's Sean's title after using YoRocket.

And these simple tweaks boosted Sean's organic traffic by 127.6%.

Case study # 4:

$4,000 to $5,000 increase in revenue

I'm Chris Huntley from Huntley Wealth. I can’t emphasize enough the impact that YoRocket has had on my business already. The increase in traffic we've got generates an additional 90 to 100 leads per month. That equates to a $4,000 to $5,000 increase in revenue per month for us!"

This was Chris's title before YoRocket. A bit short and lacked an emotional hook.

Here's Chris's title after using YoRocket.

And this single change boosted his organic traffic to that page by 42.3%.

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This Is All Backed By Our 30-Day Satisfaction Guarantee

We want you to be 100% happy with YoRocket. That’s why we have a super-lenient satisfaction guarantee.

If you’re not happy with YoRocket, no problem. Just send us an email at within 30 days and we’ll refund your entire payment. No hoops. No hassle.

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Frequently asked questions

Great question. YoRocket improves your CTR in two ways:

1. YoRocket scores your titles and gives you suggestions on how to improve them. This feature works best for English websites.

2. YoRocket allows you to easily test two titles against one another to see which one gets the most traffic.

This feature is the core of what makes YoRocket so useful. And it works in ANY language.

(In fact, we have several customers who run non-English websites and get a lot of value out of YoRocket’s testing feature).

Yes. YoRocket is a WordPress plugin.

In fact, that’s the beauty of using YoRocket.

Before YoRocket, you had to follow a mile-long checklist to optimize your title tag’s CTR.
You had to evaluate each element of your title tag (like the sentiment, character count, active vs. passive voice, etc.) one-by-one.

And even then you couldn’t be 100% sure that your new title tag will outperform your old one. But with YoRocket, improving your title tag CTR is a cinch. That’s because YoRocket analyzes your title tag for 6 known CTR factors…all within the WordPress editor.

The same goes for YoRocket’s robust testing feature. You can test your old vs. new title…all within WordPress. No need to login to Google Analytics, compare date ranges etc. YoRocket takes care of it for you on the fly.

Right now we don’t offer a free trial for YoRocket. That said, YoRocket is backed with a 30-day guarantee. That way you can try the tool today 100% risk-free. If it’s not for you, just email support and my staff will refund your payment right away.


In fact, I use Yoast and YoRocket at Backlinko. And they work together beautifully.

Yoast takes care of the “traditional” SEO stuff, like keyword usage, indexing etc.

And YoRocket takes care of your CTR optimization. They’re a great pair.

Nope. YoRocket coaches you to write a better title. And then allows you to easily test the new title against your old one. So you’re in total control.

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YoRocket is currently not accepting new members at this time.